MEES Minute: 3 MEES affiliates elected SAE Fellow

The 2022 Class of SAE Fellows has 3 key MEES-related members:

  • Program Director, Dr. Andrea Strzelec is recognized for distinguished leadership and impact in advancing the understanding of fuel effects on combustion, particulates, and emissions controls; for exemplary service to and leadership within SAE; and for the development and leadership of well-recognized educational programs for working engineers and executives.
  • MEES Advisory Board member and Instructor, Dr. Elana Chapman, General Motors is recognized for pioneering achievements in fuel and engine co- development. This work culminated in the first bus demonstration of dimethyl ether fuel. Her work has guided development of GM test fuels and correlations to improve engine calibrations resulting in less susceptibility to stochastic pre-ignition and lower particulate emissions.
  • MEES Advisory Board member and super sponsor, Dr. Syed Wahiduzzaman is recognized for his distinctive contributions to the transportation industry. As a co-creator of GT-Suite, he has led the development of modeling of engine and aftertreatment systems, fuel cells, and hybrids for over three decades. He has applied innovative approaches such as machine learning and tabulated chemistry to combustion and aftertreatment component modeling.

This brings the number of SAE Fellows associated with MEES up to SIX, including:

Congratulations to Drs. Strzelec, Chapman and Wahiduzzaman!!