Gravel Roads: Construction & Maintenance Guide (PubOth02)

Good gravel road maintenance or rehabilitation depends on two basic principles: proper use of a motorgrader (or other grading device) and use of good surface gravel. The use of the grader to properly shape the road is obvious to almost everyone, but the quality, volume, and size distribution of gravel needed is not as well understood. It seems that most gravel maintenance or rehabilitation problems are blamed on the grader operator when the actual problem is often material related. This is particularly true when dealing with the problem of corrugation or “washboarding” as it is often called in the field. This problem is often perceived as being caused by the grader, but it is primarily caused by the material itself. This manual provides information on what makes a good gravel road surface.

Copyright 2000; revised 2015

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PASER Manual: Brick and Block (PubPas02)

Assessing street conditions is essential to good planning and efficient use of local street funds. The PASER pavement surface evaluation and rating procedure, described here and in other PASER Manuals, has proven effective in improving decision making and using street repair and improvement funds efficiently.

Copyright 2001, reprint 2013, 2015

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PASER Manual: Gravel (PubPAS04)

This manual is intended to assist local officials in understanding and rating the surface condition of gravel roads. It describes types and causes of distress and provides a simple system to visually rate the road segment’s condition. The rating procedure can be used as condition data for the Wisconsin DOT local road inventory and as part of a computerized pavement management system like PASERWARE.

Copyright 1989, 2002; reprint 2015

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PASER Manual: Unimproved Roads (PubPas06)

This manual is designed to provide background information to local officials on roads with earthen or unimproved surfaces. It describes conditions and distress common for these types of roads. The manual also provides a simple procedure to rate road surface conditions. The rating procedure can be used as condition data for the Wisconsin DOT local road inventory. It may also be helpful in establishing priorities forfuture road improvements.

Copyright 2001

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