Handbook: Sign Retroreflectivity Guidebook (PubHan04)

This document was developed to assist small-sized agencies
without traffic engineering staff in meeting the new Federal
requirements for maintaining traffic sign retroreflectivity on roads
open to public travel. By considering the needs and capabilities
of small agencies, this document provides the necessary
information needed to be in compliance with the new traffic sign
retroreflectivity requirements.

File: SignRetroreflectivityGuidebook.pdf

SAFER Manual (PubOth04)

This manual is designed to provide background information and offer an approach for reviewing safety conditions on local roads and streets. It also should help local officials with setting priorities and planning for both immediate action and future improvements. There are no federal or state requirements for the improvement of roadway safety hazards. This manual is not intended to be a standard. The specific examples and suggestions are given only as examples.

Copyright 1996

File: SAFER_96.pdf

Handbook: Flagger’s Handbook (PubHan01)

Your safety, the safety of your co-workers, and the safety of the public is critical and depends on your alertness and your ability to control traffic.

The information in this manual is intended to illustrate the principles of proper flagging, but it does not establish standards or warrants. Part 6 of the MUTCD and the Wisconsin MUTCD Supplement contain the standards for proper flagging. These standards are highlighted in yellow in the text of this handbook.

Copyright 2011

File: FlaggersHandbook.pdf