SAFER Manual (PubOth04)

This manual is designed to provide background information and offer an approach for reviewing safety conditions on local roads and streets. It also should help local officials with setting priorities and planning for both immediate action and future improvements. There are no federal or state requirements for the improvement of roadway safety hazards. This manual is not intended to be a standard. The specific examples and suggestions are given only as examples.

Copyright 1996

File: SAFER_96.pdf

Drainage Manual (PubOth01)

This manual is designed to help local officials evaluate drainage conditions along rural and urban roadways. It is part of the PASERWARE pavement management system. This manual can also be used to plan for road maintenance and improvements.

Copyright 2000

File: Drainage.pdf

Culvert Assessment and Decision-making Procedures Manual For Federal Lands Highway (PubOth06)

The Office of Federal Lands Highway (FLH) is part of the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and works in cooperation with federal land management agencies to plan, design, construct and rehabilitate highways and bridges on federally owned lands. In support of this mission, FLH has developed these project-level guidelines for assessing the condition and performance of existing roadway culverts, and when necessary, selecting corrective actions to be taken for any deficiencies found as part of specific project development activities. This procedures manual is intended to aid users in implementing a fully integrated culvert assessment and decision-making tool that provides guidance for selecting replacement or rehabilitation alternatives.

Copyright 2010

File: Culvert_Assessment_Decision_Making_Procedures_Manual.pdf