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Develop Leadership Skills

Are you a public works employee or municipal engineer who recently transitioned into a supervisory role? Are you a public works supervisor who wants to increase your knowledge and sharpen your supervisory skills? Become a more effective public works professional. Attend UW-Madison’s Public Works Supervisory Academy (PWSA) and Public Works Management Institute (PWMI) to earn your PWSA/PWMI Certificate.

The Public Works PWSA/PWMI Certificate is a comprehensive training program in public works supervision and management. These courses are practical, taught by experienced instructors, and provide an opportunity to network and learn from other public works supervisors, managers, and instructors.

Complete 90 hours of 14 required courses.

Average completion: two years.

Initial Cost: $100 to sign up and receive two textbooks that will be referenced during your courses.

Final Cost: Approx. $2,345 (varies depending on gov’t/nonprofit status and discounts; each course is paid for separately).

No academic experience is required to enroll.

Note that the registration site states Friday 7/1/22 to Friday 6/30/23, this is a default for the set-up. This is not a course and dates do not apply.

Participants in the Public Works Certificate program will gain:

  • Practical information, tips, and tools from experienced instructors
  • Techniques to identify emerging problems through early warning signs
  • Useful communication and problem-solving techniques
  • Networking opportunities with other public works supervisors and managers

Tailored to focus on local public works organizations and operations, PWSA/PWMI is a good fit for:

  • Public works employees preparing for career advancement
  • Municipal Engineers new to supervision and management
  • Supervisors and engineers new to supervision and management
  • Supervisors who wish to strengthen their skills and build their confidence
  • Public works employees preparing for career advancement.
  • Technicians in the field

You may use this worksheet to track your courses.

Required PWSA Courses through TIC

Required PWSA Courses through our partners*

Required PWMI Courses through TIC

Required PWMI Course through our partners*

Choose One 15-hour Course

Through TIC


Through TIC partner*

Public Works Management Institute Capstone course will be the final course offered at the completion of all the courses in the program and by invitation only.

*Contact Us for discount codes with partner courses.

The initial certificate fee is $100. This includes two textbooks we will send you for use during the series of courses.

  • Public Works Administration: Operations
  • Public Works Administration: Supervision and Management

They will be mailed UPS ground.

The total cost for the certificate – 90 hours of 14 required classes – is approximately $2,345, depending on the profit/nonprofit status of the learner’s organization paying for the fees. Many of the classes in the certificate have standard prices and gov’t/nonprofit prices that are somewhat lower. Contact TIC staff for promo codes.

Each course has an individual fee and registration, offered during the spring and fall of the year.  Students do not need to enroll in certificate courses in a specific order or sequence. The average completion time is two years.

We also offer discounts to courses offered through our partners:

Our required courses focus on two areas:

  • Public Works Supervisory Academy (PWSA)
  • Public Works Management Institute (PWMI)

Once you successfully complete all 90 hours of the 14 required courses and email us your completed certificate worksheet, you will receive your Public Works PWSA/PWMI Certificate.

Our Public Works PWSA/PWMI Certificate is offered in collaboration with the Wisconsin Chapter American Public Works Association (APWA). The certificate is one of 19 APWA approved institutes nationally, and requires the 90 hours of training. Read this additional information about the APWA Institute.

The completion of the Public Works PWSA/PWMI certificate can also fulfill the supervisory training component of the Certified Public Manager certificate program offered by the Division of Continuing Studies, UW-Madison.