TIC Video Library

Our TIC Video Library presently allows you to checkout and return videos, free to Wisconsin local governments, highway agencies and others involved in Wisconsin street and highway transportation. TIC does NOT loan videos outside of Wisconsin nor does it sell videos. Our videos are loaned (in Wisconsin only) to local governments, highway agencies and others directly involved in street and highway transportation.

Search the TIC Video Library

Checkout Videos

Take these steps to browse the TIC Video library and checkout videos:

  1. Create an account at Librarika
  2. Ask to be connected to https://tic.librarika.com
  3. Wait for an email confirmation from tic@interpro.wisc.edu to verify your account creation
  4. Once your contact information is received, our staff will enter your data in the system and send another email confirming your access
  5. Login to the TIC Video Library to browse through the videos
  6. Select which videos you’d like to check out
  7. Our staff will mail the videos to you with further instructions