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Interdisciplinary Professional Programs

Quick Response Cost Estimating and Quoting See upcoming dates

Course Overview

In this course, you will view examples covering manufacturing processes like machining, sheet metal fabrication, tube bending, welding, sand castings, die castings, woodworking and mechanical assembly. You will also work in groups to complete exercises that illustrate applications of the methods.

Who Should Attend?

Who should attend?

  • Cost estimators
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Sales and purchasing personnel
  • Senior executives and managers working to reduce lead time in the office environment

Course Outline

Rapid, Accurate, and Consistent Cost Estimating and Quoting: Is It Possible?

What Causes Quoting Variability and Inaccuracies?

Rapid, Accurate, and Consistent Cost Estimation Methodologies

Common Beliefs and Myths Regarding Cost Estimating and Quoting

How to Reorganize Organizational Structure and Office Operations to Achieve Quick Response

Activity Based Costing (ABC)

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