UW-Madison & The College of Engineering

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The University of Wisconsin–Madison has long been recognized as one of America’s greatest universities. A public, land-grant institution, UW–Madison offers a complete spectrum of world-renowned research and teaching in the sciences, liberal arts studies, professional programs and student activities. Students at UW–Madison are high achievers, and are motivated to excel professionally and personally.

The UW-Madison College of Engineering is an international leader in research and education. Its faculty and staff, students and alumni play a critical role in advancing our state and national economy and developing solutions to society’s greatest challenges. Students who graduate from the College of Engineering are well-rounded with highly-honed technical skills that foster innovation and entrepreneurship. 

With nationally recognized online degree programs, short courses, certificate programs and many more, UW–Madison’s College of Engineering continues to be a pioneer in continuing education. Founded in 1949, we help students learn the technical skills they need to do their jobs better and empower them with confidence and motivation to take their careers to the next level.

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