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Explore our existing courses with the option to modify them to your specifications; check for “customizable” in our course descriptions. We can add specialized topics, incorporate new technologies, and build assessments to make the class uniquely yours.

Our program directors cover a wide range of engineering specialties and can collaborate with you to customize the curriculum for your team of learners.

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Over 40 custom courses offered annually.

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Choose the learning modality that fits your learners best:



HyFlex (simultaneous mix of both face-to-face and virtual attendees)

Synchronous Online (all attendees are virtual)

Asynchronous Self-Paced (online anytime)

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We offer flexible solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs. Fill out the form below to start building the training that will take your engineers and technical professionals to the next level.


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Our Partners

“I appreciate that the instructors took time to understand their audience so they could deliver information at the appropriate level of detail. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable about the subject matter, and they provided great insight to the course participants.”

Mitchell Dowell, John Deere Engine Works

“The level of complexity that encompasses a course of this nature was delivered in a way that made the information easier to understand and absorb. I would attribute this to the instructor; his expertise and level gives him the unique ability to relay the information in a meaningful way.”

John Kimball, Connecticut Department of Transportation

“I don’t have a background in refrigeration, but with this course I have a better understanding of how our in-house system works. I also have a better understanding of the equipment and safety features with the equipment. This should improve overall communication with my refrigeration manager when I’m asking questions.”

Gregory Bolinger, Tyson

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