Water and Environmental

Water professionals are responsible for protecting and improving the quality and quantity of water resources in our communities. Enroll now in a course from UW-Madison, specially designed for professionals engaged in the design, operation and maintenance of public water supplies, wastewater collection and treatment systems, stormwater management programs and flood control systems. All our courses are approved for Professional Engineering Continuing Education credit.


  • New White Paper Details Benefits of Performance-Based Landfill Liner Design

    MADISON, Wis.—Composite liner systems in landfills effectively limit groundwater contamination from leachate that contains compounds such as heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. Drawing on a 50-year history of evolving and improving performance in liner …

  • What’s So Special About Water Reclamation?

    Water reclamation is vital to public health and recovering essential environmental resources, impacting the lives of Americans everyday. Besides being important to our well-being, water reclamation is a capital-intensive industry that encompasses a number of …