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Slope Stability and Landslides

Upcoming Dates
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    May 7-9, 2024 (D239)
    Face-to-Face Madison, WI
Learn how to investigate, analyze, design for, and remediate unstable soil and rock slopes, excavations, earth retention, and embankments. This course also covers: Shear strength and soil/rock properties Slope stability investigation, analysis, program demonstration, and reporting Case histories for landslides, rock falls, embankments, cut slopes, excavations and more

Soil Engineering for Non-Soils Engineers and Technicians

Upcoming Dates
  • Sep. 4-5, 2024 (D375)
    Face-to-Face Madison, WI
Learn how and when to select soil tests, interpret investigation and specifications, and apply sound soil principles into your projects. Through practice-based examples, you'll understand the three main engineering properties of soil strength, settlement, and permeability. In addition, you'll learn applied soil compaction, soil improvement techniques and the use of geosynthetics in earthworks. Upon completion of this course, you will have information directly applicable to your workplace and be prepared to continue on your own with further study of soil and ground engineering.

Solid Waste Landfill Design

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  • Not scheduled at this time. Click the course title for program description and contact information.
Developing or expanding a successful solid waste landfill requires extensive planning, a clear understanding of landfill engineering practices, and careful technical design and delivery. This course will guide you through the development process from start to finish. Interactive learning with group discussion and idea exchange will be emphasized. Learn about the critical factors of solid waste landfill design, operations, evolving industry issues, and economics from a diverse, highly experienced, and expert course faculty. 
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