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ASSE Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Course and Exam

  • Nov. 1-5, 2021 - Jefferson, WI (T939)
  • Mar. 21-25, 2022 - Jefferson, WI (U346)
  • Oct. 24-28, 2022 - Madison, WI (U354)
Earn the ASSE Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester certification by completing the ASSE Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Course and Exam. The ASSE Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester certification meets Minnesota and Michigan backflow prevention tester certification requirements. You must have five years of experience in plumbing or a related industry to take the exam.
Discipline: Mechanical

Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention

  • Nov. 1-5, 2021 - Jefferson, WI (T938)
  • Mar. 21-25, 2022 - Madison, WI (U345)
  • Oct. 24-28, 2022 - Madison, WI (U353)
This course provides practical training through hands-on sessions that will teach you how to test backflow prevention assemblies and identify and resolve problems with backflow prevention assemblies. Backflow theory; selection of backflow prevention methods, devices and assemblies for specific applications; and state and local agency rules and regulations will also be discussed. Participation in this course and successful completion of the hands-on and written examinations fulfill the training requirements for registration as a Cross-Connection Control Tester in Wisconsin and for certification in several other states.

ASSE Backflow Prevention Assembly Repair Course and Exam

  • Nov. 4-6, 2021 - Jefferson, WI (U352)
  • Mar. 24-26, 2022 - Madison, WI (U349)
  • Oct. 27-29, 2022 - Madison, WI (U357)
Learn about tools and techniques that will help you to repair backflow preventers efficiently and effectively. Practice backflow preventer repair in hands-on lab sessions. Earn the ASSE Backflow Prevention Assembly Repairer certification (ASSE 5130).
Discipline: Mechanical

Solid Waste Landfill Design

  • Mar. 28-30, 2022 - Madison, WI (C250)
Developing or expanding a successful solid waste landfill requires extensive planning, a clear understanding of landfill engineering practices, and careful technical design and delivery. This course will guide you through the development process from start to finish. Interactive learning with group discussion and idea exchange will be emphasized. Learn about the critical factors of solid waste landfill design, operations, evolving industry issues, and economics from a diverse, highly experienced, and expert course faculty. 

Advanced Asset Management Practices for Water and Wastewater Utilities

  • Not scheduled at this time. Click the course title for program description and contact information.
Water and wastewater treatment, collection, and distribution systems are aging quickly. In the U.S. alone, more than $600 billion of repairs, upgrades and replacements will be needed over the next 20 years. Learn how to prioritize and manage these critical water and wastewater assets wisely, and how to improve the long-term physical and financial health of your system.
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