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Interdisciplinary Professional Programs

Fundamentals of Power Delivery for the Non-Electrical Professional See upcoming dates

Course Overview

During the 3-day course various aspects of generation, transmission and distribution will be discussed. This course will help you understand various terminologies and technologies used at utilities. Whether you are in customer service, operations or management, without a formal background in electrical engineering or you are new engineer to the field, this course will provide valuable information that will help in making decisions intelligently at your job. The course includes discussion on emerging technologies that are changing the industry.

Who Should Attend?

  • Utility customer service, supply chain, regulatory, and management employees
  • Project managers
  • Large utility customers
  • Electrical consultants and contractors
  • Non-technical utility employees

Course Outline

Basics of Electricity

  • What is it?
  • History
  • Types of loads
  • Definitions of terms

The Electric Grid

  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Distribution
  • Changes to system with advent of distributed energy resources and storage


  • Main equipment
  • Control systems
  • Difference between generation, transmission and distribution substations


  • Types of fuel
  • Generators
  • Renewables


  • Components
  • Transmission voltages
  • Challenges
  • Transmission reliability
  • Overhead vs underground transmission
  • High Voltage DC transmission
  • Transmission Control center operations


  • Distribution voltages
  • Distribution planning
  • Reliability
  • Overhead vs underground distribution
  • Metering
  • Distribution control center operations

Major Players

  • NERC
  • FERC
  • Public Service Commissions
  • ISO

Safety Practices

New Technologies


Steven Blume

Steve is a registered professional engineer with a master’s degree in electrical engineering specializing in power systems, a bachelor’s degree specializing in telecommunications, and a NERC certified reliability coordinator. Steve’s 40 years in engineering and operations includes generation, transmission, distribution, protection, safety, and high voltage testing. He is active in IEEE and has published two books. Steve is the founder of Applied Professional Training and APT College.

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