Future Technologies for Gasoline Engines I Base Engine Technologies

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Course Overview

The gasoline internal combustion engine will be around for years to come!  Despite advocacy to ban the gasoline engine, research is active and improvements are recognized.  This course not only provides core knowledge of gasoline combustion, it takes learners through current research efforts to improve safety, efficiencies, performance, emission output and overall lifecycle of the internal combustion engine.  Upon completion of this course, learners will:

  • Have a foundation in gasoline engine combustion, comparing ideal with actual results.
  • Understand the impacts of varying air/fuel ratio within the combustion chamber.
  • Be able to distinguish between auto-ignition, knock and detonation.
  • Be introduced to ICE heat transfer and pumping concepts, exhaust gas recirculation options, membranes and alternative combustion mode.
  • Gain an inside look at current gasoline internal combustion engine research and improvement efforts.

Ultimately, this course will arm learners with critical knowledge on gasoline internal combustion engines and what the future may hold for them.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals looking to gain deeper knowledge on future technologies for gasoline engines. Learners looking for a cutting-edge perspective into methodologies to mitigate preignition and knock in order to increase efficiency.  Those wanting to further their knowledge in Exhaust Gas Recirculation and membrane effects on gasoline combustion.  The content in this course appeals to engineering students, ICE enthusiasts, ICE researchers and those looking for a unique look into the future of gasoline engines.

Course Outline

Module 1 - The Roles of Internal Combustion Engines

Module 2 - Fundamentals of Premixed Turbulent Combustion

Module 3 - Autoignition & Knock

Module 4 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Module 5 - Knock Mitigation Technologies

Module 6 - Heat Transfer & Pumping

Module 7 - Alternative Combustion Modes

Module 8 - Membranes


Graham Conway

Dr. Graham Conway is a Principal Engineer in the Automotive Division at Southwest Research Institute. For the last ten years he has been immersed in evaluating automotive technologies and consulting for car companies and suppliers. This gives him unique insights and perspectives on the industry. He is passionate about making vehicles more efficient to ensure the future of the planet and has a message to share about some common misconceptions about electric and non-electric vehicles.

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Blake Suhre

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