Introduction to SI Combustion Modeling

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Course Overview

This course begins with review of combustion. Turbulence and fuel spray modeling techniques are explained. After several zero-and one-dimensional chemistry tools are introduced, the focus turns to computational fluid dynamics modeling. Finally modeling cycle-to-cycle variability and knock is discussed.

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Define combustion processes for spark ignited engines 
  • Create and interpret models related to the combustion process for spark ignited engines

Who Should Attend?

Anyone that needs to develop and understand combustion process models for spark ignited engines.

Course Outline

Session 1: SI Combustion Fundamentals

Session 2: Turbulence in SI Engines

Session 3: Fuel Spray Injection in SI Engines

Session 4: Zero-and One-Dimensional Chemistry Tools

Session 5: Secondary Circuit, Arc, and Ignition Modeling

Session 6: SI Combustion Modeling

Session 7: SI Engine Cycle-to Cycle Variation

Session 8: SI Engine Knock Modeling


Zainal Abidin

Dr. Abidin’s formal training is in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on Thermal/Fluids Systems. Within this field, he has specialized in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Reciprocating Compressor and Engine Design. Dr. Abidin has authored over 30 technical papers and reports, covering subjects including novel simulation methods, compressor performance improvement and engine design.

Dr. Abidin joined Southwest Research Institute in August 2009 in the Powertrain Division, where he is involved in engine/ after-treatment simulation and unique solutions to numerical problems. Dr. Abidin is actively involved on several on-going consortium and stand-alone projects in the division. Currently Dr. Abidin is managing the analysis team in the Design and Analysis Department. He is also actively teaching several courses at the UTSA as an adjunct Professor.

Ahmed Moiz

Dr. Moiz is a mechanical engineer with an emphasis on Thermal-Fluid systems. He has experience in hand-on testing in constant volume combustion chambers with laser diagnostics and plasma spectroscopy. Dr. Moiz’s experience also heavily involves Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of engines.

After a post-doc at Argonne, Dr. Moiz joined Southwest Research Institute as a research engineer in January 2018 in the spark ignition department and moved to engine design and development department later that year. His role currently involves, performing CFD of SI and Diesel engines with an emphasis on design optimization and coating research for improved engine operation, ignition modeling to model the spark in an SI engine, combustion model development to improve run-time of CFD codes.

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