Planning and Scheduling Maintenance Operations


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Course Overview

Maintenance planning and scheduling are essential to the success of your business. This course allows you to use your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to help you achieve 100 percent on-time completion of maintenance work—even on a budget.

Who Should Attend?

  • Maintenance planners and schedulers 
  • Maintenance engineers 
  • Plant engineers 
  • Maintenance managers and supervisors

Additional Information

This course is part of the Maintenance and Reliability Management Certificate. Enhance your maintenance skills while earning a recognized credential.


Course Outline

Benefits of planning and scheduling

Building a business case for planning and scheduling

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of planning and scheduling

The importance of having a maintenance process

Developing a maintenance process map

Understanding the process around maintenance planning and scheduling

Planning a maintenance activity

Developing a job plan

Determining the correct level of detail for job plan development

Estimating time and materials

Developing a field walk through team

The role of the CMMS in maintenance planning and scheduling

How to plan from your desk

The scheduling meeting

Developing a schedule

Planning and scheduling for shutdowns

Backlog management

Planning metrics

Scheduling metrics


"This program works, period!"
—Steve Weeks, Houghton Mifflin

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—Mike Leitinger, Patrick Cudahy

"I love the interaction with the instructor and class participants."
—Steve Pelkey, University of Oregon

"Well worth it. Taking a step out of my company's culture to open my eyes to the industry of maintenance in general will keep me on a more professional level."
—Paul Quintero, POET Biorefining

"Very good classes."
—Phil Fisler, Solvay Solexis

"The courses are very well structured and the class participation helps me look at other options I could possibly implement, or those to avoid."
—John Brozek, Placon Corp.


George Williams

George is the founder and CEO of ReliabilityX. He has a master’s degree in reliability engineering from Monash University. He began his career working for his father in maintenance – performing PMs on trucks and trailers – while in high school. George spent 16 years with a major pharmaceutical company, where he began as a technician and worked his way up to global asset management. In 2015, George’s global team won the Uptime Award for Best Maintenance and Reliability Program. He is a certified maintenance and reliability professional and certified reliability leader. In 2016, he was recognized by the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals as Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional of the Year. He has earned certifications in vibration analysis, infrared thermography, ultrasound, motion amplification, and plant maintenance management. George is a published author and a recognized leader in reliability. He’s been teaching maintenance and reliability classes for UW-Madison Interdisciplinary Professional Programs since 2010.

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Jon Wellik

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