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Digital Skills Bootcamp

Our partnership with ThriveDX
InterPro’s intensive digital skills programs are powered by our comprehensive partnership with ThriveDX, which enables UW-Madison’s College of Engineering to reskill and upskill individuals for today’s fast-growing digital economy through real-world applications and career-oriented education. Founded in 2007, ThriveDX has developed outstanding program content and learner support to become a premier digital skills and cybersecurity education provider. ThriveDX works with UW-Madison and other top-tier academic institutions, government organizations, and global enterprises to provide advanced workforce and professional development programs in digital technology. Learn more about ThriveDX

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Non-credit Bootcamp

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp
Put your cybersecurity career in the fast lane and quickly move from being a student to a working professional, with a curriculum built to provide you with the skill sets and experience you’ll need to flourish in your new career. Accelerated programs, in-depth training, and live virtual classes.