Digital Skills Bootcamps

Launch Your New Career With Our Cutting-Edge Bootcamps

At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, our professional development non-credit Digital Skills Bootcamps provide you with the tools you’ll need to successfully launch your exciting new career as an evolved professional—in less than a year.

Our partnership with ThriveDX
InterPro’s intensive digital skills programs are powered by our comprehensive partnership with ThriveDX, which enables UW-Madison’s College of Engineering to reskill and upskill individuals for today’s fast-growing digital economy through real-world applications and career-oriented education. Founded in 2007, ThriveDX has developed outstanding program content and learner support to become a premier digital skills and cybersecurity education provider. ThriveDX works with UW-Madison and other top-tier academic institutions, government organizations, and global enterprises to provide advanced workforce and professional development programs in digital technology. Learn more about ThriveDX

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp
Put your cybersecurity career in the fast lane and quickly move from being a student to a working professional, with a curriculum built to provide you with the skill sets and experience you’ll need to flourish in your new career. Accelerated programs, in-depth training, and live virtual classes.

Software Development Bootcamp
No matter your level of coding experience, our Software Development Bootcamp is designed to transform your technical skill set in less than a year, qualifying you for a position as a software developer.

Data Science & Analytics Bootcamp
Learn the most in-demand data topics straight from industry experts with real-world experience. Enter the workforce marketable and confident with the skills, knowledge, and support you need to become a successful data professional.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp
Our immersive professional training program starts you off with a solid foundation in the ever-exciting digital marketing field. Led by working professionals and industry experts that will help you navigate all of the niches available as you set off on your career journey.

UI/UX Design Bootcamp
Develop your visual design talents and build an impressive digital portfolio to help you jumpstart your career with the UI/UX Design Bootcamp. Enhance, challenge, or redefine current industry standards in your position as a UI or UX professional.