Elana Chapman

Credentials: PhD

Position title: MEES Advisory Board

General Motors (GM)

Dr. Elana Chapman is a recognized expert in the area of automotive fuel science. Currently a senior fuels/biofuels engineer at General Motors (GM), she has spent over 13 years supporting the Advanced Engineering and Production Combustion groups with test fuels and projects related to fuels and engine performance to meet future vehicle emissions and performance standards. Elana led the GM team that was awarded a 2020 Department of Energy grant for improved efficiency of internal combustion engines, titled “Bio-fuel effects and seasonal fuel property variations related to abnormal combustion occurrences observed in the field." She earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton and an MS in Fuel Science, MS in Mechanical Engineering, PhD in Fuel Science, and an Advanced Energy Storage Technologies certificate from Penn State University.

Dr. Chapman serves as GM's executive committee member on the Coordinating Research Council—Advanced Vehicle Fuels and Lubricants Committee, and Performance Committee, and participates in numerous other industry consortia on GM's behalf. She also has guest lectured at universities such as the University of Michigan, Penn State University, and Michigan State University. Starting this fall, will serve as an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin's Engineering Professional Development office.

As a longtime member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Elana received a 2018 Forest R. McFarland award, which recognizes individuals for their sustained outstanding contributions toward the work of the SAE engineering events. She serves as the vice chair of the SAE Fuels and Lubricants Committee, taking over as chair in 2021. She is the author of over 25 SAE technical papers and journal articles and is a frequent presenter at SAE events. Dr. Chapman has been heavily involved in supporting her alma maters by serving as a member of the University of Dayton Alumni-Student Mentor Program, the GM-Penn State Recruiting Team as the diversity and inclusion lead, and on Penn State's Dean of Engineering Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board.