Tom Harris

Credentials: PhD

Position title: lecturer

Greater Chicago Area

Tom Harris is technical specialist with Tenneco Automotive in Jackson, Michigan. He has more than 21 years of industrial experience—the last 15 in aftertreatment design and development. His aftertreatment experience includes aspects of manufacturing and quality control of three-way catalysts, the design of light-duty diesel DOCs and catalyzed DPFs, and all aspects of the design and development of heavy-duty diesel aftertreatment systems for off-highway applications. At Tenneco—as a member in the Core Science Department—he is researching novel insulation materials, exhaust thermal management systems, and mechatronics technologies related to aftertreatment systems and emissions control. He has written or contributed to 15 peer-reviewed publications, and has been awarded nine patents. He has a master’s and PhD in Metallurgy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is also a graduate of UW-Madison’s Master of Engineering Engine Systems program.