Ian McIntosh

Credentials: PhD, CXM

Position title: Program Director

Madison, Wisconsin

Photo of Ian McIntosh

Dr. Ian McIntosh is a Program Director for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Office of Engineering Professional Development (EPD). He joined the EPD Facilities and Building Systems team in December 2020 after being a frequent lecturer and course developer for the past 20 years. His responsibilities include teaching, directing, and business development for commissioning certification courses related to project management, existing buildings, and building enclosures. He is also the owner and founder of ianTEACH LLC, which provides innovative and strategic performance-based training and coaching to engineers, architects, construction and facilities management professionals in various sectors of the national building industry.

He is a BCA Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) with over twenty years of dedicated experience in Total Building Commissioning (a Quality Assurance/Quality Control process) and has managed numerous energy, commissioning, retro-commissioning, and LEED® commissioning projects throughout the nation. As a Commissioning Provider and Mechanical Engineer, Dr. McIntosh has prepared and led several Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) workshops, written and integrated numerous commissioning specifications, co-invented and implemented electronic bar-coded checklists, system manuals and tracked owner cost savings. He has also executed hands-on in-depth field work, performed functional performance testing of complex HVAC systems/subsystems and coordinated full-scale operation & maintenance (O&M) and user training programs.

Ian holds Bachelor and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the City College of the City University of New York (CCNY) and earned his Doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Solar Energy Lab at UW-Madison. He and his wife of 16 years like to spend quality time with their four children.