Lyn M. Van Swol

Credentials: PhD

Madison, Wisconsin

My own research interests include decision-making and the use of advice, influence and innovation in group decision-making, persuasion, and deception. By far, my research on detecting deception has gotten the most attention. If you are interested, you can search my name on the internet—along with “deception” or “liar”—to get a taste of some of my research. You can also learn more about me on my home department site.

In the Master of Engineering in Engineering Management (MEM) program, Dr. Van Swol teaches EPD 704 Organizational Communication and Problem Solving, and brings with her over 20 years of experience to our students.

In the Department of Communication Arts, she also teaches:

  • CA 368 Theory and Practice of Persuasion
  • CA 575 Communication in Complex Organizations
  • CA 760 Communication Theory