Nicole Zacharia

Credentials: PhD

Position title: academic director

College Station, Texas

Nicole Zacharia
Dr. Zacharia has a background in materials science, with both a bachelor's degree (2001) and a PhD (2007) in the subject from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her student days were followed by postdoctoral studies at the University of Toronto, time as an assistant professor in mechanical engineering at Texas A&M University, and most recently before joining UW Madison, at the University of Akron as an assistant then associate professor of Polymer Engineering.
In addition to teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels, Dr. Zacharia's interests have included research in polyelectrolyte coacervation as well as novel types of surfaces with special wettability, working on various federally and privately funded research projects. She has published over 40 papers in various international materials and chemistry journals. She has been an actively member of the American Chemical Society, including serving on the executive editorial board for one of its journals.
Her work as co-director of the master's program in polymer engineering includes course development, and she will be teaching both core classes (Introduction to Polymers, Polymer Characterization) as well as elective courses.