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The following companies are in industries that embody the types of career paths open to graduates of our Master’s of Sustainable Systems Engineering program. They actively seek to hire individuals with the skill sets that the SSE program provides. Use this page as a resource, a place to network, and a tool for your career search. 

Steven Winter Associates


Steven Winter Associates, Inc. provides research, consulting and advisory services to improve commercial, residential and multifamily built environments for private and public sector clients. They specialize in energy, sustainability and accessibility consulting as well as certification, research & development and compliance services.


Green buildings and energy efficiency.

Why SSE Grads are Needed

SSE students are well-positioned to pursue a rewarding career in the field of sustainability at Steven Winter Associates, Inc. The SSE curriculum provides foundational knowledge in the policy, science and economics of energy systems and sources. This foundational knowledge is critical to understanding how buildings impact the environment, and enables you to apply engineering solutions to reduce energy consumption through cost-effective efficiency measures or renewable energy. The electives also provide you with the communication and building simulation skillset needed to guide clients as they design and construct sustainable buildings.

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