Handbook: Flagger’s Handbook (PubHan01)

Your safety, the safety of your co-workers, and the safety of the public is critical and depends on your alertness and your ability to control traffic.

The information in this manual is intended to illustrate the principles of proper flagging, but it does not establish standards or warrants. Part 6 of the MUTCD and the Wisconsin MUTCD Supplement contain the standards for proper flagging. These standards are highlighted in yellow in the text of this handbook.

Copyright 2011

File: FlaggersHandbook.pdf

PASER Manual: Sealcoat (PubPas05)

This manual is designed to provide background information to local officials on gravel roads with a sealcoat surface. It describes conditions and causes of distress and provides a simple procedure to rate pavement condition. The rating procedure can be used as condition data for the Wisconsin DOT local road inventory and as part of a pavement management system like PASERWARE.

Copyright 2001; reprint 2013

File: Sealcoat-PASER_01_rep13.pdf

Copyright June 2001; reprint 2013