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POLCA The People-friendly Production Control System for High-mix, Low-volume and Custom Products

Upcoming Dates
  • Jan. 17, 2024 (D160)
    Live Online
  • Jun. 20, 2024 (D165)
    Face-to-Face Madison, WI
Learn how a simple card-based visual system helps to manage complex factories with high-mix, low-volume environments. This workshop provides an overview of how POLCA works, success stories from companies using POLCA, and pointers for implementation.

How to Design Office Cells to Reduce Lead Times for Custom Products

Upcoming Dates
  • Mar. 13, 2024 (D162)
    Live Online
Companies offering high-mix, low-volume or custom-engineered products spend significant time and resources in processing quotes, finalizing engineering designs, establishing bill of materials and purchasing critical components. Restructuring your operations into office cells could lead to significant improvements in long lead times, missed opportunities in quoting, delays in order processing, engineering changes, expediting and high costs. 

Engineering Calculations for PSM and RMP

Upcoming Dates
  • Apr. 22-26, 2024 (C922)
    Live Online
Engineering calculations are an integral part of OSHA's process safety management (PSM) standard and the EPA's risk management plan (RMP) rule. Calculations are needed to establish whether a given process is subject to these two regulations and factor into the regulatory framework in supporting the design, operation, and risk assessment of ammonia refrigeration systems. This course is your opportunity to learn the engineering calculations that are necessary for properly documenting industrial refrigeration systems, to help ensure their regulatory compliance.
Discipline: Industrial
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