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Emergency Railroad Bridge Inspections

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Emergency railroad bridge incidents happen without warning, often far from the railroad bridge inspector's home base and at unusual hours. This course makes it possible for a broad range of highly capable employees to act as competent observers, so they can relay critical information to an offsite railroad bridge expert. Frontline MOW employees, managers, consultants, and individuals involved with railroad infrastructure and security can all benefit from this short online course that introduces you to the technical, procedural, and safety aspects of emergency railroad bridge inspection.

Introduction to Traction Power and OCS Systems

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This course will provide an introduction of typical light rail and commuter rail traction power systems. A great introduction for those new to the topic and also for those who will be taking the full 2-day Fundamentals of Traction Power Systems and Overhead Contact Systems course. This is a recorded on-demand on-line course. You will receive course material and access to the instructor for follow-up questions. You will also receive 2 PDH’s (Professional Development Hours) and a certificate of course completion.
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