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Interdisciplinary Professional Programs

Advanced Asset Management Practices for Water and Wastewater Utilities See upcoming dates

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn to apply asset management principles, strategies, and state-of-the-art practices from across the U.S. Case studies and examples will also be presented.

You will learn how to:

  • Strengthen the asset reinvestment decision
  • Determine the end of asset life
  • Develop asset registers
  • Work with horizontal and vertical asset systems
  • Establish strategic levels of service
  • Understand service life, physical life, and economic life,
  • Use condition assessment data
  • Apply survivor analysis and risk zones
  • Manage business risk exposure
  • Understand the probability of and avoid the consequences of failures
  • Apply the new ISO 55000 asset management standard

Who Should Attend?

  • Water and wastewater managers, directors, and commissioners
  • Current and upcoming utility leaders
  • Federal agencies and military bases
  • Financial officers and capital program managers
  • Regulators
  • Consultants

Course Outline

Overview of Asset Management

  • Discussion of participant objectives
  • Asset management principles and fundamentals

Asset Registers

  • Asset data considerations
  • Inventories, hierarchies, and registers
  • Gathering and assembling the data - how to get started
  • Class exercise

Asset Condition and Remaining Life

  • Determining asset condition scores
  • Typical failure modes
  • Asset physical effective life and remaining life
  • Class exercise

Levels of Service

  • Internal and external level of service targets
  • Triple bottom line LOS statements
  • Key performance indicators
  • Balancing future demand with current capabilities

Risk as a Component in Asset Management Decision Making

  • Implementing a risk framework
  • Business risk exposure
  • Probability of failure x consequences of failure
  • Class exercise

Case Studies in Asset Management

  • Examples of larger and smaller utilities
  • Water, wastewater, and combined utilities

The Reinvestment Decision: Business Case Evaluation

  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Risk reduction
  • Strategic level – how many assets will fail
  • Tactical level – which assets will fail
  • Class exercises

Asset Management Plans and Risk Mitigation

  • Putting it all together
  • The role of redundancy
  • Defining tolerable risk
  • Decision-making tools
  • Class exercise


"Awesome information, very engaging, loved the real-life examples."

"Excellent balance of interactive workshops combined with world class instruction."

"Comprehensive real life examples."

"Workshops and class exercises were great!"

"Will immediately use the ideas from this course at my job."

"Great guidance on how to use the date to make decisions."

"This course is absolutely worth the investment!  It forces you to think differently in many areas."

"New and experienced asset managers will benefit very much from this material."


Gage Muckleroy

Gage Muckleroy, PE, BCEE is a Principal Asset Management Consultant with GHD. He has more than 25 years of experience in utility management, condition assessment, and risk/criticality analysis. Based in Bowie, MD, he is nationally recognized in the field of asset management and has led many of GHD’s largest A.M. projects in the United States. He is an Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Endorsed Assessor.

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