HVAC Professional Development Courses

Properly designed and operated HVAC systems are critical to support comfortable and healthy building indoor environments. Our courses cover a variety of topics and skill levels to meet your educational and operational requirements. Review the courses below and find future dates to meet your needs.

Fundamentals of HVAC

Learn about the equipment and components used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, along with the role of HVAC systems to maintain comfort conditions in commercial buildings. Describe basic thermal processes such as air mixing and dehumidification on a psychrometric chart, and apply ASHRAE standards for indoor air quality and energy conservation.

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HVAC Design and Analysis

This intermediate-level course is intended for designers looking to expand their HVAC knowledge by performing engineering calculations and system layouts, and others responsible for selecting and specifying HVAC equipment. Topics include duct and pipe sizing, fans laws and pump curves, heating and cooling loads, CFD modeling, and BIM tools and processes.

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Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

Proper balancing procedures can prevent or eliminate many common problems in HVAC systems. Learn how to balance air and water systems, adjust new and existing systems to provide design quantities, and verify equipment and automatic controls performance.  Working in small groups, you will apply classroom learning during hands-on labs and workshops using actual TAB test equipment.

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Understanding Building Mechanical Systems

Gain knowledge of HVAC principles and systems, enabling you to work effectively with designers, contractors, and vendors. Learn how mechanical systems are selected and installed, and how they operate. If you are upgrading an existing system or building new, you’ll be able to plan for a successful project.

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HVAC Applications

Practitioners of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) will benefit from the applications-based approach of this new course that will cover the many functions of HVAC systems to efficiently achieve comfortable, safe, and healthy indoor environments. Facility types discussed to include: Athletics and Recreation, Indoor Plant Growth, Health Care Clinics and Hospitals, Performing Arts Centers, Museums and Libraries, and more.

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Chilled Water Plant Design

Gain the confidence you need to design a successful, energy-efficient chiller plant. Learn how to identify design issues and solve problems regarding plant sizing, location, chiller selection, and cooling tower placement. This course incorporates small-group problem-solving exercises to enrich your learning experience.

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DDC Controls

Expand your knowledge of direct digital control (DDC) for HVAC building systems. Learn how to plan the system architecture, evaluate open protocols, and follow best practices for a variety of HVAC applications. Whether you design, specify, operate, or own these systems, you will benefit from detailed coverage of the technology, not specific to any manufacturer.

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