MEES Industry Advisor Spotlight: Dr. Syed Wahiduzzaman, Gamma Technologies

The MEES program is guided by an Industry Advisory Board.  The members cross-cut the industry representing the on-road, off-road, and non-road sectors. All of the members generously donate their time to making sure that the MEES program is preparing students to become leaders in the engine field.

Our first Industry Advisor spotlight had to go to one of the most generous members, Dr. Syed Wahiduzzaman of Gamma Technologies. He and GT have donated more than 150 GT Suite ( licenses to the MEES classes in the past 3 years. These licenses allow students taking Engine Gas Dynamics and Engine Boosting classes to use the most advanced software tools available in the industry.

Syed co-founded Gamma Technologies in 1995. He continues to lead the development of models and simulation tools for exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, port-injection and fuel puddling phenomenon. His work covers current generation engines, fuel cells, and advanced combustion concepts.

Dr. Wahiduzzaman earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. He acquired advanced degrees from Auburn and Purdue Universities. He joined Integral Technologies Inc. in 1985 and worked on the development of IRIS (the pioneering engine simulation code) combustion models, including diesel jet models, SI engine turbulent flame combustion models, NOx and knock models. After Ricardo acquired ITI, he held a variety of positions, culminating with the position of Manager of Research and Development. He then went on to co-found Gamma Technologies where he is actively managing multiple research groups. He is one of the architect and developer of GT-SUITE, a multi-physics software simulation platform for mobility industries and beyond.

MEES is very grateful for his support!