MEES Minute: MEES IAB member presents “In pursuit of zero” an alternative blueprint

Dr. Kelly Senecal delivered a keynote speech titled “In Pursuit of Zero” at WCX, emphasizing the importance of sustainable solutions in the automotive industry. He posed a question about the climate-friendliness of electric cars versus internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, highlighting the need for a well-managed, diverse approach to transportation. Senecal proposed a seven-step blueprint for achieving substantial greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and promoting sustainability.

The steps in Senecal’s plan include evaluating the GHG impact of vehicle powertrains on a state-by-state basis, implementing incentives based on the lowest GHG-producing powertrain types, and expanding charging infrastructure in supportive states. He also called for reducing fossil fuel content in liquid fuels through policy measures and allocating federal funding in proportion to the nation’s projected technology needs. Additionally, Senecal recommended revamping GHG regulations for cars and trucks based on research recommendations.

Senecal emphasized the importance of technology diversity, rejecting the notion of banning specific technologies. He highlighted the need for a balanced approach that considers regional variations and use cases. By repeating and periodically reassessing these steps, Senecal believes the industry can adapt to evolving technologies and ensure sustainable transportation.

Dr. Kelly Senecal, a co-founder of Convergent Science and a visiting professor at the University of Oxford, is a respected figure in the field. His expertise, captured in publications like “Racing Toward Zero: The Untold Story of Driving Green,” contributes to the pursuit of sustainable transportation solutions.

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