MEES Minute: New NASEM Article Alert “Pathways to More Rapidly Reduce Transportation’s Climate Change Impact”

On November 17th, Issues in Science & Technology a National Academy of Science, Engineering & Medicine publication released “Pathways to More Rapidly Reduce Transportation’s Climate Change Impact” by Dave Foster (UW Professor Emeritus), John Koszewnik, Wallace Wade and Ward Winer.

Some notable quotes:

Multiple types of relatively climate-friendly vehicles and accelerated development of sustainable substitute fuels should all be part of the picture.”

Perfect should not be the enemy of the good: reducing American vehicle emissions will require policies that support a variety of alternatives to fossil fuel-burning, nonhybrid vehicles.”

Expanding current policies beyond their focus on BEVs would engage more of the United States in the transition to lower emissions on a faster timetable.

We suggest reexamining low-carbon biofuels and synthetic fuels, which can be used in conventional gasoline and diesel vehicles, simultaneously reducing petroleum dependence and CO2 emissions.”