MEES Minute: Things to see at SAE WCX & ways connect with MEES

There are a lot of exciting and MEES-related things happening at this year’s SAE WCX:

New 2022 SAE Fellows Inducted Monday night at the Fellows Dinner:

  • Dr. Andrea Strzelec, MEES Program Director & Faculty
  • Dr. Elana Chapman, GM, MEES IAB member
  • Dr. Syed Wahiduzzaman, Gamma Technologies, MEES IAB member

Keynote on Wednesday at 8:30 am by Dr. Kelly Senecal, Convergent Science, MEES IAB member

Dr. Tom Briggs, SwRI, MEES Faculty is presenting at the Knowledge Bar on Wednesday at 11am.

There will be a lot of MEES students, faculty, and alumni in attendance in WCX. If you see PD Strzelec at the event – please collect your Wisconsin pin to share your Badger pride!

MEES current students and alumni – please make sure that you are connected to the MEES Students & Alumni LinkedIn group to stay up with the latest MEES news and Residency Invitation! (Alumni – this includes you!)