MEPE Minute: MEPE Instructor Honored by Adhesives and Sealants Council

Kristoffer Stokes, an instructor for our Polymer Engineering master’s degree, was recently honored by the Adhesives and Sealants Council. His company, Geisys Ventures, in collaboration with the Costanzo lab at Cal Poly, received an award for work on D-Glue, a revolutionary eco-friendly adhesive platform. The Adhesives and Sealants Council (ASC) honored D-Glue as the second runner-up in the prestigious 2024 Innovation Awards, recognizing its significant contribution to advancing technologies in the adhesive and sealant industry.

MEPE Instructor Honored by Adhesives and Sealants Council
Photo Credit Adhesives and Sealants Council

Developed through a fruitful partnership between Cal Poly’s Professor, Phil Costanzo, and Geisys Ventures Principal Scientist, Kris Stokes, D-Glue represents a breakthrough in adhesive technology. Combining expertise from academia and industry, this debondable adhesive platform promises to revolutionize various sectors, including electronics, apparel, automotive, and solar.

Debondable adhesives are an important part of enabling the circular economy. While adhesives continue to be used for manufacturing, they remain durable long after a product’s useful lifetime. Existing solutions do not allow the components to be easily separated and reused or recycled. D-glue adds a toolbox for designers and product developers to use Design for Disassembly principles for greater product circularity.

Dr. Stokes team teaches our Additive Manufacturing class as well as Plastics Recycling and Sustainability, where he brings his experience with sustainability and the textiles industry.

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