Passing the Torch: MEMorable Shift in Leadership!

The MEM (Master of Engineering Management) Advisory Board plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Comprising dedicated individuals, the board offers valuable insights to enhance the MEM program, aligning it with the ever-evolving needs of both students and the engineering industry. To get acquainted with the members of the advisory board, you can explore their profiles.

Dan Winter Headshot
Dan Winter

Dan Winter has been the guiding force as the chair during 2022 and 2023. His time as chair saw the advisory board solidify its identity, establishing him as its first leader. A program alum, Dan brought a profound understanding of student needs to the forefront, tirelessly championing their success. His commitment extends beyond advisory duties, as he recently joined the MEM program’s instructional team, focusing on technical project management.

Jessie McMasters Headshot
Jessie McMasters

As we bid farewell to Dan’s impactful leadership, we eagerly welcome Jessie McMasters as the newly elected advisory board chair, beginning her tenure in 2024. Jessie brings a wealth of industry experience and a personal connection to the MEM program as an alumna. Anticipating an exciting chapter under her guidance, we look forward to the innovative perspectives and strategic direction she will contribute to the MEM Advisory Board.