MEPE Launched new curriculum in Fall 2022!

We are excited to announce a new, refreshed MEPE curriculum that started this fall semester. The primary change is a broadened core curriculum to ensure that our students are exposed to a range polymer related topics. Students now will have 18 credits of core courses plus 12 credits of electives. The core covers practical topics as well as some fundamental knowledge, and the electives allow for customization of the program. Our program will prepare students to work in a range of industries, and it is suitable for students coming from a range of STEM backgrounds. The core courses are as follows;

EPD 636, Introduction to Polymers

EPD 640, Introduction to Polymer Rheology

EPD 650, Introduction to Polymer Processing

EPD 637, Polymer Characterization

EPD 639, Plastics Recycling and Sustainability

and a choice of one of the following;

EPD 416, Engineering Applications of Statistics

EPD 611, Engineering Economics and Management

EPD 612, Technical Project Management

EPD 617, Communicating Technical Information

EPD 678, Supply Chain Management for Engineering

ISYE 618, Quality Engineering and Quality Management

With this foundation, students will be able to take more specialized and higher level courses. In addition to the 18 core credits, students will take another 12 credits of electives. Many of the options include more specialized classes in polymer processing. Also, 6 of the electives credits can be non-polymer related. We also offer “capstone” programs in polymers, which are 3 stand alone 3 credit courses. Students who finish these may transfer the 9 credits to the MEPE degree if they wish to further their education.