MEPE Minute: How Processing Additives Can Help Enable the Circular Economy

We all know that polyolefins are incredibly versatile materials that have application in many kinds of packaging and other products. However, they are hydrophobic and it can be difficult to compatibilize their surfaces with other …

Brecken Stout (Indirect Buyer) on the MRM Certificate

Brecken Stout, an indirect buyer for Kerry Ingredients, took the time to discuss her experience with the Maintenance and Reliability Management (MRM) Certificate.

Shane Verkuylen proves the benefits of the MRM Certificate

“The benefits I achieved from receiving that certificate would probably be my newest job. I think without this certificate, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in right now. With my combined background and the certificate, it opened up so many doors.” – Shane Verkuylen

The Impact of the Maintenance and Reliability Management Certificate: an Interview with Carl Kottke

For Carl Kottke at PCI Pharma Services in Dane County, WI, the Maintenance and Reliability Management (MRM) Certificate has offered a “leg up” in his industry. You can learn more about Kottke’s experience with MRM courses in this interview.