Effects Of Winter Driving In Wisconsin

Winter is a big deal, and driving in winter conditions is one of the most important concerns of the season.


In the last five years, Wisconsin has averaged over 18,600 motor vehicle crashes during the winter months when roads are covered with ice, snow or slush.


These statistics aren’t surprising, given the amount of snow and ice Wisconsin drivers see every year. Many drivers breathe sighs of relief when they see salt trucks dumping tons of crystals onto highways during storms, but is salt really the best solution? UW-Madison’s Andrea Bill offers some insight on what the state can do to balance keeping drivers and the environment safe. Read more here.


Have you ever been involved in a winter weather crash?

Learn how to avoid winter weather crashes, and what to do if you’re stuck in the middle of one. You’ll also learn how to assemble your own car winter survival kit to keep your safe and warm in the unlikely event you’re stuck in the middle of a storm. Click here.


Do you have a winter survival kit?

There are some essentials every Wisconsin driver needs in the event of a snow emergency or accident. Find out how to assemble your kit here.