Epod Episode 3: Dan Negrut on Simulation and Modeling

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On this Episode:

On this episode, Susan Ottmann talks to Dr. Dan Negrut from the UW-Madison Mechanical Engineering department about his course Computing Concepts for Applications in Engineering, the field of big data, and how simulation and modeling fits into the field of data analytics.

Our Guest:

Dr. Dan Negrut is the Mead Witter Foundation Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at UW-Madison. His research and teaching are focused on the application of computational science to engineering. Dr. Negrut founded the Wisconsin Applied Computing Center, he leads the Simulation-Based Engineering Lab, and is a NVIDIA CUDA Fellow. Prior to joining UW-Madison, Dr. Negrut worked at Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. and the University of Michigan. He was also a Visiting Scholar at the Mathematics and Computer Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory. Negrut has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Iowa.

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