QRM Provides Tools to Solve Global Supply Chain Crisis

Rajan Suri, founding director for the UW-Madison’s Center for Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM), was recently featured in Insight on Business Magazine. In his article, “Reshoring Production Without Increasing Costs,” Suri describes how insights from QRM can play a role in solving the current global supply chain crisis.

“With U.S. labor costs several times higher than those in low-cost countries, most executives assume it will cost more to manufacture here or purchase components made in America. But it doesn’t have to be that way,” says Suri. “QRM is a strategy developed over two decades. By partnering with more than 300 companies, the center has gained several key insights that may change your thinking about reshoring in the new year.”

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Rajan Suri
is an emeritus professor of industrial engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and founding director of the Center for Quick Response Manufacturing. He is the author of several books on QRM and has received awards from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and other national organizations for his development and implementation of QRM principles.