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Have you recently been promoted to a leadership position—or are you working toward it? If you’re committed to being a leader, then you know that you need to continually acquire new skills, tools and techniques and improve existing ones to move up in your organization. Take the lead and guide your efforts for success by earning UW–Madison’s Technical Leadership Certificate.

Commit to Your Career

Earn your certificate by completing five (5) of the participating courses. There is  no cost or commitment to enroll  in the certificate—by signing up you will  receive discounts on individual courses  and periodic program updates. Your participation in courses is tracked and you may verify your progress at any time by requesting a UW transcript.

Jon Wellik
Program Director

Jon Wellik

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“My strategy is simple and centered on you, the learner. We strive to make every step of your journey incredible, from the very first course to the implementation of new tools and best practices in your current role.”

Certificate requires completion of 5 courses of your choice.

Available as a custom course

Applied Leadership for Performance Culture

Scheduled courses

Courses from The Center for Professional And Executive Development through the UW-Madison School of Business are also available to fill requirements for the Technical Leadership Certificate. See available courses below and click for next scheduled date.

Business Acumen and Strategy

Business Process Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma and Performance Metrics

Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Professional

Technical Leadership Certificate course topics were developed with your success in mind, by consulting with hundreds of engineers from leading companies. Develop leadership skills in such areas as managing technical teams, coaching, and project management. In addition, you’ll learn technical management topics, including capital budgeting and business process improvement. The mix of courses and topics—taught by UW faculty and industry experts—are constantly updated and improved to meet the needs of our global partners.

The following are shares from specific course attendees:

Critical Conversations: Results-based Communication:

“Trevor’s knowledge about critical conversations was really eye opening to someone like me who is more outspoken and sometimes too brash. I will definitely use these ideals moving forward, as tough as it may be. I also loved all of the “extras” on Zoom. This was the first time I’ve been part of breakout groups, annotating the page, amongst some other items like that – that was fun.” – Callie Pankow

“Lots of examples and focus in the content for each step. I found that working through each step specifically with examples of how to do it right vs. wrong was important (practicing).” – Lucas Kreidl

“The mix of activities, breakout sessions, apps, and quizzes makes the course incredibly engaging. After having been through dozens of online and in person courses, Trevor and Berenice’s mechanics make the time fly. I really appreciate the personal nature and networking aspects of the breakout sessions. These are venues for bringing out real life examples and shared experiences.” – Adam Graham

Leadership Beyond Your Team:

“I really liked the framework on how to present an opportunity. It aligned with a recent “how to give effective presentations” course I recently took with Dale Carnegie.” – Stephen Klein

“It was real life situations, hands on working situations out, team building with others, down to earth and not over people’s heads (no need for Doctorate to understand) also Trevor, Berenice and Jon answered all concerns and were concerned and interested in all of us.” – Susan Betke

TLC Certificate Instructors

Trevor Manning

Position title: Consultant

Anthony Orzechowski

Position title: Director R&D Data Analytics

Susan Ottmann

Credentials: MS

Position title: Director of Professional Programs

John Ross

Credentials: PhD

Position title: President

Heather Smith

Credentials: MS, BS, PMP

Position title: Director of Graduate Programs

Robert Stone

Credentials: ME, PMP

Position title: Project Manager

Jon Wellik

Credentials: EMBA, LSSBB

Position title: Program Director

George Williams

Credentials: CRL CMRP

Position title: CEO


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